11 successful Easy Ways to Collect Email Addresses for Email Marketing

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You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking for advice on how to build an email list. We asked a few business owners and marketing gurus for their favorite strategies and tools for gathering email addresses, which they can then use to create new leads and remain in touch with old ones.
Here are 16 simple techniques to collect email addresses in order to develop a useful list.
1. Make sure they get something out of it (and never, ever, spam)
Consider the emails you open and the ones you discard right away. I’m presuming you don’t open any email that doesn’t appear to be beneficial to you or your business.
So, if you’re going to ask for a customer’s email, make sure you’re giving them something worthwhile in return.
When you ask for someone’s email, make sure there’s something worth while in it for them, whether it’s a coupon or early access to a new product or sale, an ebook or other insightful content, or the chance to win a prize.
2. Make available useful resources
“As a technique to collect email addresses, offer ‘information products,’ such as interviews with industry leaders, advice, and presentations.
” I can also use the materials to prepare slide presentations for my speaking appearances.
3. Use Facebook ads
 “Facebook ads are, without a doubt, the most affordable and cost-effective way to grow a list of leads for email marketing.” Using direct targeted Facebook
advertisements to collect leads, we’ve easily made seven figures in sales in the last year (name and email).
 Facebook’s user base is at an all-time high, and its demographics are great for most businesses these days.
The user base of people aged 30-55 has grown, whereas that of people aged 13-25 has plummeted.
Facebook is a very strong approach to grab new leads, whether you’re a solopreneur, a little business, or a major organization.
With even a small budget, you can generate dozens of fresh leads each month.
4. Provide free tutorial videos
 “At Deskbright, we collect email addresses for marketing purposes by emailing our users free Excel tutorials and lessons.
We’ve built a large library of free online material that attracts visitors through referrals from other websites and a strong organic search presence.
5. Promote your newsletter signup all over your site 
“I collect email addresses through newsletter signups that I place all over my site.”
A popup on my blog is where I get the most signups, but visitors can also sign up by checking a box on any form. The best method to do it is to put it in front of visitors, so take whatever opportunity you have to put a sign-up choice in front of them.
6. Make it personal Rather than mass 
mailing your entire database, segment your lists based on the interests of the receivers.
 If you’re a pet food wholesaler with a database of cat owners, for example, you can send a mailer to that database with information about a special cat offer on your website.
Building the demographics of your database is always beneficial for more efficient marketing through segmentation.
Consider it a “boutique” mailing. Select a small group of people with whom you’d like to build a relationship.
People that meet the characteristics and persona of your ideal client, for example. You’re not blasting a message out to tens of thousands of strangers;
instead, you’re picking the perfect ones because you know they’ll enjoy doing business with you and are exactly in your wheelhouse.
Ensure that the article you send them is very personalized so that they will remember it.
With today’s changeable data digital printers, the only limit to how personalized a mailer can be is how much information you have about the recipient. Don’t just personalize their name in the salutation; go above and above.
Include the name of their company and the type of business they are in your message.”
7. Use popups to promote special offers 
“Lightbox popups have proven to be the most effective email collection method we’ve tried.
” Lightbox popups make it incredibly easy for people to subscribe to your emails if they desire, because email opt-in forms are normally contained in a site’s footer or sidebar.
8. Make it really easy
“In addition to collecting addresses at all points of contact,
 post signs proclaiming your ‘text to join’ information, add signup boxes to your website and any social accounts, and be cautious about collecting cards when out networking,” says 9.
 If you receive a card, make sure to ask the sender if they want to be added to your email list. Do not add any cards to your email list without first asking. It all boils down to understanding that these are PEOPLE, not simply email addresses, and treating them with respect – just like any other customer!
 10. Make free resources available to your target audience.
Give your target customer something of value for free and in an easily consumable format, such as a digital report or ebook.” It’s critical that the resource you offer in exchange for the person’s email address be relevant to your target consumer; otherwise, you can end up gathering email addresses from people who will never become your customers. The resource itself must be brief and alleviate a person’s immediate discomfort. a couple of examples
Is there an indoor playground in Tacoma, Washington? Provide a list of “5 things to do with your kids on a rainy day in Tacoma, WA” (and include your business as one of the places to visit).
 • Do you work as a real estate agent in Phoenix, Arizona? Provide a study on “10 housing trends in Phoenix, AZ that every homebuyer should be aware of.
” Reports like this are great because the content of the guides can easily be shared across all of your web presence and social media platforms, allowing you to get more bang for your buck!”
11. Make a content upgrade available.
“Write a highly actionable blog post that is relevant to your target audience and worthy of sharing.
” A list of suggestions is always enticing. Then, at the opening and end of the piece, include a line of copy that offers to send them the list of advice in a printable, pdf format if they provide an email address.
It’s fantastic since it makes it simple for people to act on the information. We include a link in the copy and have a popup with the email signup display when they click it to make the signup incredibly straightforward and tempting for the visitor.
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