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Angry man pours boiling water on wife for waking him to surprise him with breakfast in bed


A husband has been accused of throwing boiling water at his wife in anger after she woke him up to bring him breakfast in bed as a treat.


Ali Ay, 28, allegedly poured boiling water over Rukiye Ay, 23, because he had wanted to sleep and he saw her romantic gesture as a disturbance.


As a result, Rukiye suffered horrific injuries to her back, and was rushed to hospital in Turkey on January 9.




Speaking from her hospital bed, Rukiye claimed she had brought her husband breakfast in bed as a surprise, but he was angry that she had woken him up.


Rukiya says she then left her husband alone and went to eat breakfast with her daughter but Ali followed and threatened to divorce her.


He then allegedly poured boiling hot water down Rukiya’s neck and tried to pour on her face but she turned away.


The scared mum said she tried to run away but she could feel her “T-shirt sticking” to her skin.




Ali is then accused of throwing the “rest of the boiling water” at Rukiya and she said some of it landed on their child’s feet.


She said: “I prepared it all and then went to tell my husband he had breakfast in bed. He was angry and demanded to know why I woke him up, and told me not to bother him, so I started having breakfast with my daughter.


“He came in still in a bad mood and told me he was going to divorce me and gain custody of our daughter no matter what I did.


“He then poured boiling water down my neck. He was going to throw it in my face but I turned away.




“I ran away and could my T-shirt sticking to my skin. He then threw the rest of the boiling water at me and some of it landed on my child’s feet and the rest hit me on the hip.”


Rukiye said she wanted to “escape” but she passed out from the pain and could hear her daughter screaming in the background.


Ali then allegedly grabbed his wife’s hair and dragged her to the bathroom, where Rukiye found strength and took the opportunity to run to a neighbour who called the police.


Police arrested him but he was later released on bail, sparking public fury, which resulted in him being re-arrested and remanded in custody.


Rukiye said: “I couldn’t believe it, as long as he is free me and my daughter are in danger.”

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