Aware Insurance Services Now Offering Disability Income Protection


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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES Through Principal Financial Services, Aware Insurance Services, a multiplex insurance firm, will begin issuing Disability Income Insurance immediately.

This will complement our current insurance offerings, which include Final Expense Insurance, Term, Whole Life, and Return of Premium Insurance. Bill Ware here. I’ve been a Licensed Agent for over 7 years and am the president of Aware Insurance Services. I feel that providing this extra coverage will allow us to expand the areas in which we can assist our clients. Nothing is more important than your income when it comes to safeguarding your financial stability. Income insurance ensures that you have a source of income even if you are unable to work.

We also provide different types of life insurance, as well as health and disability insurance. We also have a history in Tax Solutions, and we are now under contract with National Tax Experts as a Tax Advisor, which allows us to offer a whole financial perspective to the table that the ordinary agency cannot.

Disability Income Insurance, often known as income protection insurance, protects a person’s income if he or she becomes too ill or wounded to work. This coverage will provide monthly payments to the insured to assist pay for basic living expenses until he or she is able to return to work.

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Principal’s policy is unique in that it may be acquired as a stand-alone policy rather than as a rider to a life insurance policy. If someone is the primary breadwinner in the family, losing that income due to a handicap might be heartbreaking. This policy will allow the family or individual to take the time they need to heal and return to earning the family’s primary source of income, rather than being forced to return to work before they are ready.

This coverage is fairly inexpensive, and it will cover the insured even if he or she changes jobs or becomes self-employed. Because nearly 25% of persons entering the workforce may become handicapped at some time before retiring, this coverage is critical. This will be in addition to any disability coverage provided by the insured’s employer or the state.


We can provide this policy in most states, and it is available to the majority of people. Contact Aware Insurance Services for more information.