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Best Health Insurance Policy for New Born Baby in India



For their parents, children are a source of delight. Every parent wants to provide their newborn children the finest possible care. 

That is why they strive to provide the finest possible care for their children. Healthcare costs, on the other hand, have skyrocketed. 

It is difficult to afford such hefty costs. As a result, some health insurance policies include new-born baby coverage as an optional or built-in benefit with maternity coverage. 

If the new born baby cover is built-in, no additional premium is required; however, if the new born baby cover is optional, the policyholder must pay an additional premium to select for it.

If you’re looking for the finest insurance policy for your new baby, here’s a list of some of the top options:

1- Bajaj Allianz Healthcare Supreme
Bajaj Allianz offers Healthcare Supreme, a complete health plan. 
The plan includes a variety of built-in advantages as well as add-on coverage options. 
As a result, you not only get a broad range of coverage, but you can also tailor it to your specific needs. Among the most notable characteristics are:
The cost of physiotherapy is also covered.There’s a maternity and new-born baby cover built in. 
The new born insurance covers medical treatment and vaccine costs for the first 90 days after the baby is born.
2- Heartbeat Family First Plan by Max BupaThis plan is available in two flavors: Silver and Gold, with coverage up to Rs.15 lakhs. The following are some of the other features.
A new born infant insurance coverage is available up to the sum covered maximum.
Even if the insurance term is more than 90 days, a new born baby is covered until the end of the policy period.
Vaccinations for a newborn baby are also covered until the child reaches the age of one year.
3- Easy Health Insurance from Apollo MunichNewborn baby coverage is provided in the last two varieties of Apollo Munich’s Easy Health plan, which are Exclusive and Premium.
 It is an add-on cover that can be purchased for an additional price. The following are some of the plan’s features:
Up to Rs.50 lakhs in insurance coverage Daily monetary benefit for sharing a room and accompanying a minor child The coverage amount for a new born infant insurance policy ranges from Rs.2000 to Rs.5000.
4- ICICI Lombard Health Insurance complete
The Complete Health Plan from ICICI Lombard is a complete family health insurance plan with both built-in and optional coverage options. The following are some of its most notable features:
100 percent reinstatement of the sum coveredWellness programs that are specifically designed to encourage healthy living.
If maternity coverage is chosen, new born baby coverage is offered at an additional cost.
The new born benefit covers the newborn for up to 91 days after birth.

5- Religare joy
Joy is a maternity-focused health insurance plan with a unique design. It is available in two versions: 
Today and Tomorrow, and it is designed to give Maternity coverage with a little waiting period. The following are some of the features:
Only the Today variation has a 9-month maternity waiting time.
The new born baby cover ranges from Rs.50,000 to Rs.50,000.The Tomorrow variant also covers birth abnormalities in children.
There are no rent ceilings for rooms.So, for your new born baby’s coverage, choose from these health plans.

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