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Car Accidents In Houston: The Most Common Causes




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Every day, a large number of individuals reside in and travel through Texas. This suggests that car accidents are likely to occur. However, there are a variety of factors that contribute to these sad outcomes. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons for vehicle accidents in Texas.

  • Drivers Who Are Distracted
In Houston, distracted drivers are a dime a dozen. They may be distracted by the fighting youngsters in the backseat. Adjusting the temperature dial in the dash can keep them occupied. A chat with a passenger can cause them to become inattentive. Whatever the distraction, it only takes a split second to look away from the road and end up in a bad situation.
  • Texting

Despite the fact that texting while driving is illegal in Houston (and Texas), it has become a big issue for Houston drivers. People believe it is safe to text and drive at the same time. They don’t realize that texting diverts their focus away from the road for an extended period of time. In many cases, drivers spend more than 20 seconds gazing at their phones instead of the busy road in front of them.
  • Speeding

Another important contributor to Houston automobile accidents is speeding. Speed limit signs are there for a reason: your personal safety. When you speed, you increase your chances of losing control of your car and shorten your reaction time to unexpected objects in your path.
  • Drinking

Unfortunately, far too many people imbibe alcohol before getting behind the wheel. Many fatal Houston car accidents have occurred as a result of this. If you have drunk any amount of alcohol, never, ever get behind the wheel. Period.
  • Influence of Drugs

Street drugs and prescription drugs, which have similar effects to drinking and driving, have been responsible for a number of deadly Houston car accidents. Anything you take that impairs your physical and mental ability to operate a vehicle freely will have a significant negative impact on your life and the lives of others.
  • Wildlife
Car accidents in Houston are frequently caused by wildlife. Because it’s difficult to spot when a deer appears out of nowhere at night, nighttime provides the greatest danger of wildlife-related accidents. Wildlife animals such as opossums, armadillos, dogs, cats, foxes, birds, and squirrels can potentially cause accidents by unexpectedly leaping in front of your vehicle. The natural instinct of a person is to swerve to avoid hitting the animal. And, unfortunately, if the animal is large enough, such as a deer, it can force the automobile off the road before the driver has time to swerve. Wildlife is to blame for a variety of mishaps.
  • Weather Conditions

Many car accidents are caused by severe weather such as thunderstorms, hail, snow, ice, and wind. In such situations, the driver’s visibility or ability to keep the vehicle on the road is typically compromised.
  • Blowouts on Tires

Another significant cause of car accidents is defective tires. A blowout might occur unexpectedly if the condition of your tire is weakened by anything the automobile ran over or if the rubber is progressively deteriorating. When they do, the driver’s steering wheel is frequently yanked forcibly and suddenly from their grip. For this reason, you should always do your best to maintain regular tire care.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Errors

When you’re unable to keep your car in good working order, it’s easy to end up in an accident. Blown head gaskets, gearbox troubles, and other issues might jeopardize a driver’s ability to maintain vehicle control and result in an accident.
  • Road work

It occurs much too frequently in Houston: a driver leaves work in a hurry to get home. They come upon construction on the freeway and have to violate their safe driving skills. You get my drift. When you come across roadwork, always slow down. Not only for your own sake, but also for the sake of others’.
  • Dangerous Crossroads

At busy junctions, many serious car accidents occur. Many times, drivers will pull out in front of an invisible vehicle or will be unsure who has the right of way.
  • Improper Signs or Lights

Improper signs or lights can sometimes cause accidents. Perhaps there’s a yield sign where a stop sign should be. These types of events, regardless of the cause, cause confusion and vehicle accidents.
  • Potholes and Cracks in the Pavement
A large pothole can be hit at the exact appropriate speed to cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle. These can show up when you least expect it or when you least expect it.

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