Cold as Ice: Take a Leap and Dive Deep!


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Adventurers and daredevils will find themselves in magical countries. What are you waiting for? Submerged regions brimming with life lay just under the ice… so what are you waiting for?

Ice diving is an amazing experience that can only be had in a few places across the world and at the right season. Because the route is unique each time and allows divers to see spectacular and utterly stunning landscapes, careful planning is worthwhile. Here are a handful of the coldest and cleanest areas to go deep beneath the ice if you choose to do so.

Alaska’s North Pole

Alaska is one of the world’s wildest and most beautiful places, and it’s a perfect site to try scuba diving for the first time. The awe-inspiring site of Summit Lake, high in the tundra, is the last destination of the sockeye salmon run in fall. Summit Lake is one of the safest sites to ice dive in the warming global climate because of its northerly location and altitude. The season runs from October to May. April is the greatest month to visit since the lake is clean and the days are longer. However, keep an eye out for roving polar bears!

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Japan’s Hokkaido

Hokkaido is the northernmost of Japan’s major islands, and it is both chilly and beautiful. It’s a terrific area to go ice diving since you’ll get a great view of the local fauna. You could see a sea eagle fly overhead before a dive, and once you’re beneath the ice, you might see a spotted seal or a crawling Alaskan king crab the size of your arm. After a hard day, it’s also a good idea to unwind in one of Hokkaido’s hot spas. From January through March, the diving season is open.


If you’re a daredevil, ice diving in Antarctica is the most gratifying experience. This frozen continent is desolate and cruel, as many explorers have learned, yet the shores are fascinating, ever-shifting landscapes rich with life. Corals, anemones, and a variety of other strange-looking animals cover the sea floor. You could be accompanied by a penguin or greeted by a bubble-blowing leopard seal on your dive beneath the sea ice. Orcas and bigger whales can also be found in these frigid waters. The diving season in Antarctica runs from late January to March, and it’s only recommended if you’re a tough and experienced diver. However, for those with the courage and desire for thrilling adventures, diving into Antarctica’s seas is a necessity.

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Protection for Deep Diving

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