Don’t Risk It! Invest In Travel Insurance For The Utmost Protection


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Before deciding on a travel insurance coverage, there are several factors to consider, including the nation you will be going and the length of time you will be gone.

This, however, should not stop you from getting insurance. Uninsured status might result in exorbitant legal fees, the loss of many of your prized items, or even life-threatening injuries.

Ibex Insurance Services provides a variety of tailored insurance options, including travel insurance that can assist you avoid becoming stuck. Here are a few reasons why having the correct travel insurance for you and your family might be a lifesaver.


It insures you against the loss of your belongings.

Our insurance covers expatriate residents in Portugal, Gibraltar, and Spain, but it doesn’t imply our coverage ends there. For example, our plans may cover the expense of lost or stolen luggage when traveling.


The same protection is provided for your passport. Replacing a passport may be a hassle and expensive, but with the right travel insurance, you’ll never be without funds to replace it.


It provides peace of mind in the event of an accident.

Medical emergency can occur at any time. We hope you never have to deal with something as serious as a broken leg or loss of sight while traveling, but these types of injuries are ten times more frightening when they occur in a foreign country.

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Ibex can cover the costs of any unplanned expenses such as a vehicle or motorbike accident or personal harm while you’re gone. Our insurance covers a wide range of cars – after all, if your vehicles aren’t adequately protected, a collision may put you in a tough place.

Insurance does not just cover misfortunes for which you bear no responsibility. You may also acquire a coverage that helps pay legal fees if you are at fault for an accident that causes a harm to someone else.


Consult Ibex about a comprehensive travel insurance package.

Not only can we provide comprehensive travel insurance, but we can also help you plan your trip. For expats in Spain, Portugal, and Gibraltar, we can safeguard their vehicles, motorbikes, and yachts, to say nothing of our incredibly extensive business and pet insurance.


Contact Ibex Insurance Services now to learn more about why Ibex Insurance Services is the best choice for expatriate insurance.