Food of the spirit, the creation.


Creativity is good but not by recreating yourself, remember Rom  12:1 says that your body is a living sacrifice, Holy and acceptable unto God

Do you know that you are specially made by God?

Do you also know that you are unique?

Do you know that you are not duplicated?

Because God use his best tools to mold you the way you are, according to Gen1:26-31 he took his strength, energy and power to create you the way you are, can’t you see after creating man with his best tools, he rested at the 7th day that is to say he put his best in you Gen2:1-2.

But some individuals chose to recreate their self in the name of fashion, then after recreating yourself and you get to heaven and you where not able to be recognized by God, what will you do, will you start recreating yourself back the way God created you or what will you do.

This is the kind of question you need to ask your self before fixing your self the way you want it.
My brothers and sisters it is not by recreating yourself is by being recognized by God, think before you take any step.

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