Gang arrested for diverting, selling N50m goods for N430k

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They were apprehended after the person that  owns the truck carrying a 40ft container that is loaded with 608 pieces of imported generators and 2,900 grinding gasoline engines, could not hint the location of the driver. 
Those arrested are, Sunday Nwachukwu 35 Sunday Chukwuwike 28, Sopuluchukwu Eze 30 Onyebuchi Ede 30, and Onyebuchi Okeke 30 while one Ozor is still at large.
According to supply the goods belonged to Sylveohemma Petroleum Limited, Apapa, Lagos, and was sidetracked by the crew on the 22nd of December, 2017. Those that bought the goods were also apprehended and all the believe have since admitted to the crime.
The 120,000 pieces of the goods, which was stolen, have been recovered while the remaining is still to be regain from the team members house in Nkwere which the used as warehouse.

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