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Getting key legal support in your divorce




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When the courts order mediation, many couples dispute whether they need a divorce attorney. Regardless of how well you and your ex-spouse get along, it is important that you talk with a family law expert about your options and the best course of action for your case.

Below are just a few examples of factors to consider if you’re wondering whether or not you should hire an attorney for your divorce:

If you have a lot of complex assets to divide. You should hire a lawyer if you have accumulated a lot of pricey marital property. If you have intricate assets to divide, such as businesses, several vehicles, or real estate, you should have a lawyer present.

If your partner has a habit of lying. If your former spouse has a history of lying, it may be difficult to distinguish between your word and theirs in a hearing or mediation session. You need a lawyer on your side to safeguard your interests if they are spreading false information about you or lying in court.

If there is ever any type of violence or abuse. You should always consult an attorney if there is any type of abuse, whether it is connected to children, substance abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse, or any other sort of abuse. Not only will the abused spouse be unable to negotiate adequately for fear of being manipulated or subjected to further abuse, but a family law attorney can assist you in taking the necessary steps to safeguard you and your family.

If your spouse has retained the services of an attorney. At the last minute, your spouse may decide to engage a divorce lawyer to represent themselves. We’ve seen attorneys show up for hearings and mediations with little or no notice to the spouse who isn’t represented. If your spouse chooses to hire an attorney, you should do the same. Even if you believe you have a clear and logical argument, making your case against a family law attorney will be challenging.

So much is on the line! If you’re going through a divorce and aren’t sure if you need a divorce attorney, call and chat with a family law business in your region that you trust. To help you understand your alternatives during divorce, an experienced lawyer should answer your questions, describe your options, and discuss your specific case. To safeguard your and your family’s interests, a knowledgeable divorce lawyer may be a useful asset.

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