GM diet plan can reduce weight fast in just 7 days, know how to follow


In today’s world, everyone strives to lose weight. Yes, and it also adheres to a gym, workout, and an expensive-expensive food plan for this. By the way, if we’re talking about a diet plan, there are a lot of possibilities now. Now we’ll tell you about the GM diet plan, which claims that if followed consistently for a week, weight can be lost quickly. Yes, we are now going to inform you how this diet is going.

Genetically modified foods (GM foods)
Day 1: On the first day of the diet, the person must eat only fruits. Bananas, even among fruits, should not be consumed because they cause weight gain. You can, however, consume melon if you so desire. It aids in weight loss while also supplying nutrients in short supply.
Day 2: On the second day of the diet, the person following it is instructed to eat solely vegetables. You can eat them cooked or raw, by the way. Only green vegetables should be used.
Day 3: Consume both fruits and vegetables on this day, but in little amounts. Remember to stay away from potatoes in veggies and bananas in fruits.
Day 4: According to the regimen, only milk and banana should be consumed on the fourth day. You can maintain the gap open by drinking 6 to 7 bananas and three glasses of milk throughout the day.
Day 5: Non-vegetarians can eat chicken or fish on this day. If you’re a vegetarian, substitute paneer and brown rice for meat on this day.
day 6: you should have fish or chicken, and if you’re a vegetarian, you can eat paneer.
Day 7: On the seventh day of this diet plan, you can have fruits, vegetables, and juices. On this day, just beans should be consumed among the veggies, and instead of milk, you should drink
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