Graphics woman brutalized her son for refuses of eating fufu.

Juvenile has taken to her Instagram handle to narrate how a woman brutalized her son just because he refuses to eat fufu.

According to her the woman once used Razor blade to cut her son penis and insert broom stick inside  just because he bed wet.

Read what she wrote.

Credit from @juvenile_chronicles - A mother did this to her own son! She beat him to this point because he refused to eat fufu this morning and she does this on a regular basis. She has before now cut his penis with razor blade and put a broom stick inside because he bed wet. 
Now this brings so many questions. Who can you trust your children with if you as a parent is violent? This child and other children who face similar treatment might become violent in future because they’ll feel it’s normal to put another person through pain because someone continuously did that to them without thinking they’re human….. If you’re a neighbor and sees such cruelty from parent to child please do not say let her kill him ‘na she born am ma’am your child or relative might meet such child tomorrow and get influenced by a child who became delinquent through this measure of emotional and physical abuse. 

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