Holiness is the key to righteousness


Holiness is the key to a righteous life, we have come to understand that Holiness is the state of being holy, purity or integrity of moral character, freedom from sin. According to Ps 96:9 You should worship the Lord in the beauty of His Holiness and another portion of the Bible says follow peace with all men and holiness.

You have seen it, Holiness is the vital form of serving God, without being holy in your thought, in your body, in your mind, in your spirit, in your conversations you can not please God, God expect you to be holy in all ramification both in your business etc. Eph5:6.

We are talking about Holiness, Christmas has come and gone, Christmas season is the season when a lot of youths do all manner of evil things with their body, all in the name of celebrating Christmas, 1peter1:15-16 says be you holy for l am holy.

Be holy in all round both in conversation, the cloth you put on, your body and more, don’t defile yourself in all these annual celebrations just because you want to put on the most expensive cloth and hair and as well to ride the most expensive car all in the name of celebrating one thing or the other, you engage yourself in evil, this is just enticing your fellow human beings and not God, it is called foolishness.

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If your conversation is not holy that means it will be very difficult to attract God by your side.

Do you know that you are going to be judge according to the way you live your life on this earth. Rev 20:13

For that reason you ought to be holy by preparing yourself for heaven at the last day.

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