How are you preparing your life on earth


How are you preparing your life on earth?
Are you preparing it to make heaven at the last day or you are preparing it to enjoy the earth only, remember you will be judge according to your works on earth and if you are not found in the book of life you will be cast  into the lake of fire.
It is better to suffer on earth and enjoy in heaven at the last day. According to Rev20: 12-15

Yes you are not exempted both the small and great will be judge on that last day, God has laid it out for you to make your choice either the good and bad, it is left for you to make your choice, but I will advise you to chose wisely, make the right choice so that you will rejoice at the last day.

They are beautiful things on earth here but the are better once in heaven so my brothers and sisters chose wisely.

Don’t gather all the good things on earth but at the last day you found your self in hell fire gnashing your teeth.

So my brothers and sisters there is still time for you to turn out from your evil ways and follow Jesus Christ as your lord and savior.

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