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How Do I Add My Business to Google Maps?



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Google Maps, originally Google Places, is now part of the Google My Business dashboard, which allows you to manage and measure your online presence across Google’s many platforms, such as Google Local (Google Maps), Google+, Google Analytics, and Adwords.

Just a reminder as you get ready to set up your listing: while Google may include businesses from nearby communities in the “Local” search results (Maps) in some cases, you may only register your business in the town or city where you have a physical address.

Google My Business: Adding or Claiming Your Business

If you’re a well-established company, it’s likely that your listing already exists in the Google My Business directory, and all you have to do now is claim it. New businesses or locations will almost certainly be required.

1. Go to Google My Business and enter your information.

Select “Get on Google” from the drop-down menu.

2. In the Search Box, type your company’s name and address.

Google My Business is a service provided by Google.

3. Choose or add your company.

If your firm appears among the suggested matches, click on it. If not, click “Add your Business” and fill out the required fields.

TIP: Decide how you want your company’s Name-Address-Phone Number (NAP) to look on the internet and use that NAP here (for example, will you spell out S-t-r-e-e-t or use St.?) The address you use on this page should become your default address on the internet. The importance of consistency cannot be overstated.

every industry Start putting your keyword into Google to check if it returns any results, then choose the best one. Later on, you’ll be able to add other categories (up to 5).

4.Verify Your Business

Google will want to make sure that your company is actually located where you say it is. It normally takes 1-2 weeks for a postcard with a verification PIN to arrive.

If you’re offered the choice of receiving your PIN through text message or automated phone call, take it! It’s considerably faster and easier!

TIP: If you must wait for a postcard, remind anyone who handles mail to look for the Google Verification Postcardit, and then try to validate it as soon as you receive it (you have 30 days). Businesses frequently had to go through the authentication process two or three times because someone threw the postcard away or forgot to use it once they received it.

5. Confirm your company’s existence. Create a Google+ page for your business.

Set up a Google+ page and confirm your business.

The first step in Local Search Optimization is to create a Google My Business profile, which should be a top priority for any company wishing to be found online.

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