How to Determine whether Your Bike Insurance Policy Is Legitimate

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How to Determine whether Your Bike Insurance Policy Is Legitimate

In India, riding without a bike insurance policy is unlawful. You can secure your bike by insuring it with a two-wheeler insurance coverage from both man-made and natural disasters. Bike owners frequently get insurance from unknown sources in order to save money.

Discuss With Your Insurer: If you have any doubts about the policy and believe it is not genuine, the best approach to clear up your doubts is to contact the firm. You can now contact your insurance company by dialing their toll-free number, sending them an email, or engaging with them on social media. You can simply go to the nearest branch and drop off your items.

Request an invoice: When paying your premium, make sure you have a receipt from the insurer. When you buy an insurance online, the insurer will provide you an e-receipt; if you buy from an agent, be sure you have a receipt for the premium payment.

Check All Data: When you receive your insurance documentation, double-check crucial details including the insured stated value, no-claim bonus, and policy issuance date, among others.

Signature: Make it a habit to sign all of your documents by yourself. Read the policy paperwork carefully before signing them, whether it’s a financial transaction or an insurance policy. Never let anybody else sign the form on your behalf.

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Check the Insurer: If you have any doubts about the validity of your policy, check the IRDA website to see if the insurer exists. In India, there are around 33-34 general insurance companies and over ten insurance brokers licensed to sell policies online.

Verification Link: A few insurers will send you a verification link that you must click to confirm your policy purchase. You can be sure that the insurance coverage you were given is real by clicking on the link.

Authentic Source: Always buy insurance from reputable general insurers who have been in the insurance business for at least 20-30 years. Directly purchasing a policy from the insurance company’s website is one of the simplest ways to ensure that the purchase is secure.

Low Premium: Do not be fooled into purchasing an insurance with a low premium. Always browse for premium estimates online and examine the coverage provided by the policy.

  • Online Payment: Online payment is safe and reliable because the transaction is reflected on your bank statement. Also, if you buy motorcycle insurance through an agent, make sure to write the check in the name of the insurance company, not the agent.