Hunter & Hunter Advisors Equips Small Business Owners to Build Equity with New SBA Loan


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Hunter & Hunter Advisors, a leading business and real estate finance firm, has challenged small company owners to own their building rather than spending money on leases.

With the introduction of a new SBA Loan and rent replacement option, the firm is supporting this issue. Small company owners may now get 100 percent financing for a property worth between $500,000 and $5 million through a new SBA loan. In only 5 minutes, applicants may be approved for $5 million without affecting their credit. With a payback duration of up to 30 years, the organization provides attractive interest rates as low as 6.49 percent. The new SBA loan can also be used to pay off high-interest credit cards and company loans.

When asked why the Rent Replacement Option was introduced, Richard Dang, Managing Director of Hunter & Hunter Advisors, remarked, “Leases take a significant bite out of a business owner’s earnings.” That is money that has been squandered. We created this financing to help small company owners gain equity while growing their businesses by allowing them to buy the leased premises where they operate. It’s a true win-win scenario.”

Hunter & Hunter Advisors has a reputation for offering innovative finance for business and real estate investors after more than a decade in business. The organization provides a variety of real estate financing alternatives for both residential and commercial properties. Business owners who want to buy commercial real estate can get up to $40 million in financing.

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While the usual real estate investment loan might take several weeks to complete, Hunter & Hunter Advisors takes pride in providing a quick turnaround. The finance procedure for the firm might take as short as three weeks.