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I know you are close to the owner of the school, if you want disrespect, you shall be served” – Ubi Franklin reacts to Kate Henshaw’s video

Nigerian blogger, Ubi Franklin has reacted after Kate Henshaw made a post dragging a ‘wanna-be’ blogger over case of Sylvester Oromoni.
In a video which Kate shared via Instagram, she dragged those calling her out over her silence on case of Sylvester Oromoni, as she warned them never to tag her in a ‘meaningless post’.
She also dragged Ubi Franklin who she referred to as a ‘wanna be’ blogger.
In her words;
You people just foam at the mouth and call names for what? You choose when and not to speak out. I choose to speak out every time and it is not for you to tell me and tag me to some meaningless post.”
Clout-chasing wannabe blogger saying ‘I’m scrolling through celebrity pages.’ Oh please scroll through my page. Scroll. You will see the man’s picture there. You have the guts to tag me.

Some people are saying, ‘I’m disappointed in you. You are disappointed in yourself. You cannot choose when and where not to speak. You cannot choose. Your outrage has to be seamless. Your faces, they are there. You’ve not gone to their pages.”
Reacting, Ubi wrote;

“Listen, if you never liked me and use that as an attack. I no kukuma need you for anything. I am fighting for justice. If you want disrespect, you shall be served. I know is you are close to the owner of the school. So shhhhiiiii. You have in the past weighed in on issues like this, yes. But I wasn’t referring to you but close pals of the school owners and that was spelt out clearly.”

“Now we focus on justice. Dowen College Lagos and Premier Academy Lugbe Abuja. Parents of these children need closure. I no follow anyone come this world. If I talk you no like am, I go talk my own and you talk your own. Nothing I dey fear again for this life”

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