Insure Your Spanish Holiday Home With A Leading Expat Broker


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When you’ve worked hard your whole life to be able to purchase a vacation house in Spain, it’s understandable that you’d want to safeguard your investment.

That’s where we, at Ibex Insurance Services, step in. We don’t want you to be concerned about the financial repercussions if your property is destroyed due to a fire, flood, explosion, theft, or malicious acts, to mention a few of the hazards covered by our well-known holiday home Insurance In Spain For Expats.

We truly mean ‘for expats’ when we say ‘for expats.’ After all, a large portion of the Ibex crew is made up of foreigners. We are also one of the most well-known and well-respected expat insurance brokers, having supplied insurance coverage in English for this key segment of the market since our founding in 2000.


We’ll show you the way to the ideal policy.

Even before you contemplate dealing with insurance agents that only know Spanish, arranging insurance for your vacation property may appear to be a tedious task. A task that appeared to be a simple duty before might become rather scary.


At Ibex, we understand such anxieties and problems quite well. That’s why we’ve spent so much time and effort making our holiday home insurance packages as simple to comprehend as possible, as well as include everything that expatriates in Spain would need.

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Do the various Spanish vacation home insurance plans you’re considering cover you if your apartment’s glass or mirrors are destroyed by accident while it’s occupied? What about harm caused by a spike of electrical power? In the event that your keys are stolen, a decent insurance policy should cover the expense of replacing your property’s external locks.

We can advise you on the finer nuances of what it means to take out vacation home insurance in Spain, in addition to offering what may be essential features of protection such as the aforementioned. For example, you may not be aware that all contractual plans in Spain must contain a contribution to the Consorcio, a national natural catastrophes fund.

Purchase a holiday home insurance policy that is tailored to your needs.


What could be a better incentive to contact the Ibex team now to learn more about our extensive knowledge of expat vacation home insurance in Spain?


We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your insurance provides you with the most peace of mind as the owner of a vacation home in this magnificent nation, so you can concentrate on the many other exciting and glamorous parts of living here!