Kidnappers free traditional ruler, seize his ATM cards to continue withdrawal

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The kidnapers of Goodluck Umetor, the traditional ruler, in Ndele community, in Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State, have disclose him after inflicting machete cuts on him and collecting a ransom of N1m
He was unfettered in the early hours of Wednesday. Chief Umetor was whisked away by the gangsters at gun-point to an unidentified destination, on Monday evening, after the outlaws had killed two individuals in the community.
Read what he said below.
Umetor said the abductors machete all part of his body, saying that the criminals also took his ATM cards and withdrew a very big amount money. He said, “The gunmen took me on a ride inside a very deep forest. They blindfolded and pulled me.
We trekked like 60 kilometers before we get to their base. They said they were lent to kill me, but, later, they changed their mind to collect money and let me go. They wreaked machete cuts on my head, back and other parts of my body.
They collected all my four ATM cards and sent somebody to go and withdraw money from my account before collecting N1 million again from my family. They warned me that I should not block the accounts that they will be withdrawing money at will.
They said if I block the accounts that they will come after me again. They also threatened to kill me if I try to give their identity to anyone.”
However, the state’s Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Nnamdi Omoni, said that the identity of the hoodlums involved in the kidnap have been uncovered.

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