Man fakes death to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal.

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In a bizarre marriage proposal stunt, a Philippino man identified as Jeffrey Delrio, faked his death in a motorbike accident, before proposing.

The marriage proposal stunt left his girlfriend, Sheila Parayanon, sobbing. The bizarre proposal was captured on video by a friend who admitted it was “unusual”. .

His video shows Delrio lying in the middle of the road, apparently dead, alongside his motorbike. His girlfriend, a passenger on an approaching motorbike, arrives on the accident scene, and is warned by the traffic police, who are in on the stunt, to expect the worst. .

The distraught girlfriend rushes towards her “dead” boyfriend sobbing and he keeps up the charade for agonizing moments before ‘rising from the dead,’ kneeling and saying: “Will you marry me?” .

She is overwhelmed and hugs a female traffic warden in relief before giving him a loving slap and answering: “YES!” 📹: Newflare

Watch video below

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