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There are many types of student databases: neet, aipmt, aieee, jee, cmat, cat, mat, xat, gujcet, passout, graduates student, 10+2 class, college, school student, college stream like commerce science arts, aspirants student database like mba, medical, engineering, B tech, m.arch, B.E, snap, pgcet, upcmet, state board student data, pge The student database is crucial since it contains new and unprocessed data that may be used in a variety of marketing strategies.

Many admission agencies offer a free college selection service for marketing, which can aid students by assisting them in determining the best educational path for them. Lead generating work is another term for this type of data collection. Student data is collected and traced using a variety of methods and means, including online portals, admissions-related websites, manually acquired data from schools and colleges by vendors, interested students creating resumes, survey and analysis businesses, and other activities.

This student database is valuable not only to institutes and colleges, but also to students. They have a lot of options to pick from because they get a lot of offers at the same time. This student database contains mobile phone numbers and email addresses, which could be those of student parents, as many parents utilize their information to fill out forms. As data for the exam sheet chart, all student databases are collected in excel format with name, email, mobile, pincode, state board name, admission receipt number, school name, date of birth, board name, passout year or exam appearing year, submit time, fee status, etc. Otherwise, there will be no reaction to email marketing, SMS services, or data calls if the student database is not real.

Many enterprises who create products for students, such as stationery, books, school clothing, vacation activity programs, extra lessons for summer camps, and so on, now use this information. Data on mba aspirants: This database contains information on students who wish to enroll in any type of mba institute or university in India. They hold degrees in b.com, b.tech, commerce, and other related fields. They have a college diploma or have passed any exam. Medical aspirants data: This database contains information on students who desire to pursue a career in medicine after completing their studies in science or passing exams such as neet, aipmt, and others. Data about management aspirants: this database is comparable to the mba stream.

Banking, finance, investments, hotels, real estate, and other sorts of management exist. This student wishes to work for a corporation. Engineering aspirants data: This database contains information on students who desire to become engineers after graduating from science programs such as aieee, jee, and others. Student data from 10+2: this database contains information on students who have recently completed 10th or 12th grade. This information even includes information about the parents. Data from final-year students: this data can come from any college test. It could be for a local, state, or national level board. Graduate student data: Any student who has passed an exam after completing +2 is considered a graduate. data on college students:

College can be in any field such as science, commerce, or art. school student data: the majority of students are in grades 10 and 12. Data about state board students: There are numerous exams, some of which are coordinated centrally and others which are coordinated by the local state board. Local admissions agencies and agents favor data from local board exams. The following months have student data exams: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november, and december. The following information about the student database is provided by city or state:

Bihar, Haryana, Maharashtra, Kerala, West Bengal, Gujarat, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Assam, Rajasthan, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Andra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Hyderabad, Itanagar, Guwahati, Patna, Delhi, Raipur, Panaji, Vasco da Gam

You can contact us and leave your email address to receive regular updates on the student database. We are the first to update student leads with a new upcoming database list that includes phone numbers and email addresses. For each category and year, we have a student database. Database of Engineering Students:- Aieee or Jee is a student test administered by the CBSE for engineering entrance examinations for students wishing to pursue higher education in India.

This Aieee / Jee student exam is open to candidates from all around India. Aieee student database with cellphone and email id list, commonly known as Jee, is available from us. This database contains information in excel format, including name, admission number, address, phone number, email address, city, zip code, and state. Student information from Aieee / Jee is useful for firms that provide educational services, such as management. They might contact this aieeee or jee student to arrange a visit to their office for admission to their respective colleges. This type of database service is also beneficial to recent and new aieee, jee students since they learn about more attitudes and can choose the best alternative for themselves.

This database of Aieee/Jee engineering appearing students is organized by state code and pincode. This database of engineering students is made up of 10+2 graduates who aspire to pursue higher education in the engineering sector and become future engineers. This engineering database is primarily made up of aieee, jee, and UG exam passouts. This engineering students database is in excel format and is organized by mobile number and email address id list, as well as name, state or city information, and pincode. We do have a local test for 10+2 students that is administered by the state board.

This engineering students database is compiled using a variety of approaches, including engineering entrance texts, survey businesses, and internet websites for filling out forms for admission to various institutions. Students apply with their details and receive responses for details of direct admission with time periods and course or college fees, such as postgraduate or graduate careers in Management, m.phil, phd, architecture, biotechnology, chemical, computer, electronics and electrical, IIT, MBA, law, B.ED, M.ED,PGDBM, CA, CS,MCA,B TECH, BCA,BBA automobile, CSE, mechanical engineering, EEE, civil engineering, ECE, CSE, MBA,

Our database of engineering students assists our clients in reaching their target audience without wasting money or time. Because we divide all 10+2 students into medical and engineering students at an early level, they obtain students who are interested in their course studies. For the purpose of generating leads, we provide BULK SMS and bulk email marketing services to this engineering student database. We sell this engineering student database to companies that work as consultants or consultation firms in India or elsewhere, dealing in direct admission for engineering institutions, schools, or institutes. We do not sell data for the purpose of spamming, SMS marketing, or bulk mailing.

10+2 Student Database: We have a 10+2 student database for every state and city in India. This database of 10+2 students was compiled from a variety of sources, including engineering and medical school entrance exams. Students attempt to enroll in courses for higher education after completing 10+2. If a student want to pursue a career in engineering, he or she will apply for associated aspirants texts such as AIEEE and JEE. Alternatively, if they desire to pursue a career in medicine, they can apply for medical aspirants texts such as NEET and AIMPT.

This 10+2 student database test is connected for all of India by CBSE, ICSE, or any other comparable aspirants institutes, where 10+2 student database apply with detailed form fill-up of name, phone number, email address, pin code, and state board information from where they apply. This database of 10+2 students is accurate and verified. There are also other sources of mean, such as the cat, the mat, the XAT, the CMAT, and some internal state board entry exams. If you wish to buy or sell something, you may send us an email or leave a remark in the box below. We do not sell this +2 student database to anyone; we only sell it to colleges or institutes who need it for educational purposes. –

We have a database of MBA students that includes phone numbers and email addresses. This MBA student database is for people who have completed 10+2 or graduated from college and want to continue their education by enrolling in an MBA program offered by a school or institute. This MBA student database is compiled from a variety of sources, including cat, mat, XAT, CMAT, websites that offer online services for direct admission to MBA programs, seminar and survey firms, and so on. This MBA student database is available to consulting firms and consultants who provide direct admission to MBA programs.

We do not sell to people who want to buy this MBA student database for the purpose of promoting their products or services, such as bulk SMS or mass email marketing. Mba is a management position in the engineering field. A postgraduate (pg) degree in business administration is known as an mba. MBAs are obtained in order to obtain higher-paying employment in large multinational corporations. Many students nowadays want to pursue an MBA after completing their 10+2 or graduate degrees. Every year in December, February, and May, this mba students exam is held. As a result, this mba student database is required or desired on a regular basis.

We can provide current time and fresh mba students data as well as the most recent exam result if you want to buy or purchase. This mba student database was created in a pan-India format. Because this mba students exam is conducted across India, the mba student database must be manually split or filtered by city and state. Tele-calling has been used to verify and confirm the data of these mba students. Database of Neet Students:- Neet ug is a student database of medical appearing candidates from across India. National Eligibility Entrance Test is the full name of the test. Every year, the neet exam is held. The cbse examination board administers the neet student undergraduate test to all Indian students.

This is an admission exam for any medical education, such as a postgraduate md or ms, mbbs, dentistry course, diploma, bds, and so on. Students who pass the neet test can apply to any government institution or institute, including private medical colleges, in any area of India. It used to be tough for Neet UG medical students to choose between numerous colleges and institutes because they couldn’t contact everyone. However, as a result of the neet medical student database provider and suppliers, they are now being called by numerous medical institutes for study careers courses.

Students can learn about medical colleges and institute prices as well as course specifics using this neet. They can accept or go for – if they desire. Database of Uptu students: We provide servers for giving the cellphone number and email address lists of Uptu students. Uttar Pradesh Technical University (uptu) is the full name of the university. The Uptu student database is provided as an excel sheet containing information such as name, phone number, and other details. This uptu student database is compiled by the state of Uttar Pradesh’s local board. Uptu is now known as Gautam Buddh Technical University, and it is also known as gbtu.

Every year, this uptu test is held for students in Uttar Pradesh. This exam is for students in grades 12 or +2 who want to pursue higher study in engineering, medicine, or management. Database of Medical Students:- As our website’s title suggests, we provide a mobile and email database of medical students. This medical student database was compiled from the results of a medical admission exam. There are exams such as neet, aipmt, and others for students who have completed their 12th or +2 and want to pursue mbbs, mds, ms, pg diploma courses, bds, m.ch, m.sc., ph.d, dci, bhms, bams, b.sc nursing, b.phytherapy, and other similar programs.

Many students have completed their 10+2 education and are working in fields such as science, commerce, and art. We’ve separated this medical students data form for our customers so that they may benefit from targeted data without wasting time and money on bulk SMS or email marketing. This medical students database is only available to consultants or consultancy firms who want to provide information and help for education admissions in India or abroad. Medical students will also profit from this because they will be able to choose from a variety of possibilities available in the current market.

Data is purchased by the agency in order to provide direct admission to various colleges or institutes for the purpose of becoming a doctor. We sell medical student databases for the purpose of spam or junk mail. We sell medical student databases in excel files, and if you need marketing to generate new leads by bulk sms or mass mailing, we can set up an online advertising option for you.

Bangaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Visakhapatnam, and Kochi, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana, Andaman and Nicobar, Lakshadweep, and Puducherry, Bangaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Visakhapatnam, and Kochi, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana,

Through this database, you will have the opportunity to approach the most interested students with a relevant and appealing message in a timely manner, allowing you to quickly capture their attention. Finally, marketing through student databases is the most effective technique of capturing students’ interest.

Entrance Database 2017, B Tech Database 2017, B Tech Mechanical Engineering Student Database, MBBS Admission Database, IT Student Database, B tech Freshers Database are few of the database categories.

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