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Moment a little girl moved out of the house after receiving beating (Video)



A little girl has sparked reactions on social media following the hilarious stunt which she pulled at her family house.
A video making the rounds on social media captured the moment the little girl packed her bags and moved out of her house.
Reports gathered that the little girl took the decision to leave the house after she was beaten by her mother.
In the video, the little girl was spotted carrying her little bags and moving out with a visibly angry face.
A voice was also heard in the background pleading with the little girl to change her mind, all to no avail.
Reacting to this, Ebenazer_candy wrote:
“Hunger never wire this one. She go come back in few seconds”
Harrison_jk wrote:
“I do this thing tire, but e dey always backfire”.
See video below:

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