Reasons To Contact A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer


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As the popularity of motorcycles grows in the United States, so does the number of riders who are critically injured or killed in accidents. What is the explanation for this? It’s not that motorcycle riders aren’t as cautious or law-abiding as other drivers. In reality, bikers are significantly less likely than automobile and truck drivers to be involved in collisions. Unfortunately, they are nearly always wounded when involved in a crash because motorcycles provide significantly less safety than automobiles.

Legal Concerns

Because bikers are four times more likely than drivers to be injured in a collision, they are also four times more likely to require legal assistance. That is not to imply that a rider cannot sue if he or she has been injured in a crash. Because their cars provide less protection from serious injury, the law does not grant them particular rights. However, if a motorist is careless and injures a biker as a result, the offending driver can be sued.


As most bikers can confirm, there is some public prejudice against motorcyclists in the United States. Many motorists regard them as daredevils who dart in and out of lanes with abandon. As a result, when they are harmed in an accident, sympathy may be lacking. Some motorists may even come to the conclusion that they deserved what they got.

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A skilled motorcycle accident attorney is well aware of the negative prejudices that some people hold about bikers. As a result, in order to win a personal injury claim, he or she must overcome these biases. In the vast majority of situations, this entails proving the other driver’s fault.

Damages That Can Be Recovered

– Medical expenses – Suffering and pain – Wages lost – Emotional anguish – Loss of property – Damages for infliction of pain and suffering

Why Should You Hire An Attorney?

As previously said, there is a significant difference between conventional car accidents and motorbike accidents. Whether you like it or not, judges and juries are less sympathetic to motorcyclists than conventional drivers, and you can bet the other driver’s insurance company knows it. If their client was at fault, they would try to reach an agreement with you before involving attorneys. Don’t be deceived! It is always advisable to entrust all communications to a motorcycle accident attorney. Why?

Insurance companies always aim to settle cases before the full extent of your injuries is known since chronic ailments are expensive. You may be stuck paying for another driver’s irresponsibility for a long time if you settle and give away your rights too soon. A skilled motorcycle accident attorney can help you collect the compensation you deserve. Always consult a legal expert before entering into negotiations with an insurance company, regardless of what the opposing party says.

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