Remove pimples acne and dark spot overnights with these.


Aloe vera



Baking soda


Combine all the above mentioned ingredients together to get a paste out of it, after all that apply it on your face and allow it to stay on your face for 15-20 before washing it out with clean water.

All this ingredients works because.

1) Aloe vera  has the properties of hormones Auxin and Gibberellins. These hormones brings wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties which reduce skin inflammation. The Gibberelin in aloe vera gel act as a grow hormones stimulating the growth of new cells. It also let the skin to heal rapidly and naturally with minimal scarring. Aloe vera is soothing and can reduce skin inflammations,  itchiness and blistering while assisting the skin to heal more faster.

2) Alum is a healing agent which  help in controlling the acne or pimples, it also assist naturally in curing acnes or pimples scars. Alum makes you look younger by tightens the skin.

3)  Ginger is wonderful in anti-ageing, ginger can assist with spots and imperfections, it has powerful antiseptic and cleaning qualities, which minimise the rate of spot and acne formation by actively killing bacteria on your skin surface.

4) baking soda antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties will assist in treating the cause as well as reducing the symptoms of acne and other breakout. It also assist balance the PH skin, which assist reduce the occurrence of skin breakout.

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