Service 51 Offers Melbourne Area a New Internet, Cable Provider


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Customers in Melbourne may now sign up for internet and cable television through Service 51, which provides a number of deals.

An approved reseller, Service 51, looks for bargains on internet, cable, wireless, and home phone services, as well as smart home automation, home security, and solar power. To learn about plans and providers in their region, potential consumers may either input their location on the company’s online search and comparison tool or call.


The site acts as a one-stop shop for information on suppliers and costs. It removes the need to make several phone calls to different locations. Service 51 has direct relationships with more than 25 local and national home service providers, ensuring that clients receive the most up-to-date offers and competitive prices.

They may quickly and simply examine and compare possibilities, as well as bundle services for greater discounts, such as DirecTV satellite television, AT&T Fiber Internet 1000, and cellular and phone service. Customers may also benefit from Service 51’s best price guarantee, which assures they get the best possible price for two years.

Xfinity TV and internet subscription with Netflix are now available for $69.99. DirecTV is offering a $200 gift card or free Spectrum cable and internet installation to customers.

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Service 51 provides an AT&T wireless buy one, get one free deal that includes a free iPhone X, Galaxy S8, or Galaxy Note 8 for wireless phone subscribers. Other current offers include a $15 savings with DirecTV and a free trial of HBO Now with DirecTV.


Customers may use Service 51’s comparison tool for free since service providers pay Service 51 a charge to promote their services.