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What Is The Average Truck Accident Settlement?


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Because each case is unique, a “average” settlement may not apply to your situation. However, truck accident injury payouts are typically in the thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars.

Trucking businesses and truck lines have commercial insurance plans in place to protect them from claims for serious injury or wrongful death in the event of a truck accident. Liability coverage of $1 million is common in such policies.

According to Schnitzer, “commercial motor vehicles are required by federal law to carry far more insurance than conventional automobiles and trucks in Texas.” “However, the amount actually recovered is determined by the facts of each individual instance.”

We can assure you that our truck accident attorneys will fight for as much compensation as feasible for you. What can these funds be used for? They can include things like past and future medical and hospital expenditures, lost wages or earning capacity, bodily pain and mental agony or suffering, and physical impairment or handicap. Survivors of wrongful death may potentially be granted damages.

Your truck accident lawyer may also be able to obtain exemplary or punitive damages for you in circumstances of egregious carelessness. These go beyond your personal financial losses, instead serving as a form of punishment for the negligent parties or as a warning to others to avoid similar mistakes.

Our goal is to obtain these payments for you by holding individuals responsible for injuries caused by an 18-wheeler or other large commercial vehicle accountable. The trucking firm, the driver, the manufacturer, the components supplier, and those who supplied truck maintenance could all be held liable. Any of these could have been at fault in your major truck collision.

A big rig crash could be caused by a number of different parties. These can include a third-party source that planned a truck’s route without taking into account hazardous terrain or weather conditions. A third-party loading business may also have failed to adequately secure a truck’s load, resulting in spilt cargo, a truck rollover, or other disasters.

In some circumstances, a truck accident is caused by the truck manufacturer’s negligence or faults. If a truck’s brakes, tires, gears, or lights were defective when it was manufactured, the truck’s maker is liable in a crash caused by these defects.

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