Woman rejects man marriage proposal after he donates one of his kidney for her.

A man of 49yrs old who donated one of his  kidney to the love of his life was overjoyed at saving her life – but he was very sad  when she said no to his marriage proposal.

According to Sunday Mirror, Simon Louis strike a question to Mary Emmanuelle after taking care of her health. But Mary quietly said no to his proposal, though she loved him as well, because her health made the future seem unusual. 

On the other hand  the both vowed to stay as friends and Simon, 49, said:

 I gave my heart to her but I had to settle for giving her my kidney. Which ever thing that  happens, i will never be sad to give her the gift of life.” 

 Mary,  whose age is 41, added that: “simon is my very wonderful friend and will always be. 

The love between me and him is real. He may have died doing what he did for me.” 

At first the both met in a club in London in the mid-1990s with Mary, then 20, thinking Simon, 28, was “a handsome bad boy”. 

They shared unusual smooch and flirted but things between the two of them never workout. Simon, who had another relationships but he has never lost his feelings for Mary, but he would think of her on Valentine’s Day and buy her some chocolates or a rose . 

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Then in 2014 September, Mary quickly collapsed at her residence after her skin turn yellow. She stays  in coma for a fortnight after a brain haemorrhage, spent two months in intensive care and was finally diagnosed with end-stage kidney sickness. 

The only hope she has was a transplant – but the chances of a donor being found were gradually decrease because she had very infrequent B negative blood. While Simon use to visit  her each day, sometimes he will pass the night there with her, so he could assist her get to and from the hospital. 

A couple of weeks later Simon make a suggestion of being tested to see if he was a match as a donor – and it comes  out he was. Then the both of them underwent surgery before assisting  each other back to health. 

Then one night when the were cooking dinner, Simon put up the courage and proposed to mary. She said: “I let him down slowly by saying I’d have to think over it. I think I’d worry if we got married it would in a little way damage our wonderful friendship and also I don’t want to do wedding until I’m fully better health-wise.”